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Cerniog - T.C & A.J Tyne

T.C & A.J Tyne,

Ty’n-y-Mynydd Farm,



Gwynedd, LL53 8PZ.

E-mail:    info@welsh-sheep.org.uk

Tel:          (01758) 721 898

Shearling Ram
Shearling Ewes
Shearling Rams

The breeding flock is wintered on the mountain, with ewes being brought down just a few days before the first lambs are due. Most then return to the mountain when their lambs are 6-8 weeks old.

Lambs are weaned in mid-July, with all the ewes then remaining on the mountain until tupping. A mix of both recorded and unrecorded tups are used, with some being home bred to stamp the type and consolidate the genetic improvements made.

We don’t have a strong affiliation with any particular regional variety of Welsh Mountain sheep, choosing to source rams from different areas if we believe they have the capability to take our flock forward.

See an article on the success of performance recording in this flock at the Signet Website here


Ewes on the hill