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J T Jones

J.T Jones (Hywel Wigley),




Gwynedd, LL23 7UH

E-mail: ochrfawr@yahoo.co.uk

Tel: 01970 890 477

The Llwyngwern flock of hardy Welsh Mountain has been performance recorded since the early 1990s. The main selection criteria within the flock are maternal ability, 8 week weights, and muscle depths. Because the farm is in a high rainfall area, they also select for a certain amount of fat cover. Lambing is April and the aim is to sell all lambs straight off grass.

All ewes scanned with singles are not given supplementary feed, while twins are lambed indoors due to a big fox problem.

The farm itself ranges from 850 to 2000 feet of which over two thirds is mountain and unimproved ‘ffridd’.

The aim here is to improve the weight of lambs sold per ewe by using rams with high 8 week weight EBVs and muscle depths, but also paying strict attention to soundness of teeth and feet.

In 2015 sheep from this flock will be available from the Innovis Welsh Mountain Breeding Group Sale, Dolgellau Welsh Mountain Sheep Society Sale, Ruthin Market, and off the farm.