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Wenallt - Edward Williams

Edd Williams of Upper Wenallt, Talybont-on-Usk has been recording Welsh Mountain sheep since 2010. The ground at Wenallt ranges from 750 ft to 1200 ft on the red sandstone of the Brecon Beacons. His sheep can be described as a Talybont Welsh type with a little colour.

In 2015 performance recorded shearling tups from the Wenallt flock will be available for sale from the farm and from the Breeding Group Sale at Aberystwyth.











Rams are wintered on root crops and have a small amount of oats and Protein pellet to maintain bloom for sale (not forced).

Maternal traits are very important within the flock, and it is vital that the ewe performs well while rearing so that lambs can achieve their genetic potential. The main aim therefore is to breed a small to medium size ewe that is cheap to keep on a forage based system that rears quick-growing lambs that are easy to finish on grass.












Ewes are wintered on root crops and silage with only twins receiving additional ‘bagged’ feed from three weeks prior to lambing. Efficient forage conversion is vital for this type of system to work,  and performance recording has helped Edd to identify any weak links within the flock.

Since performance recording started at Wenallt only a very small percentage of the flock have fallen below the breed average and the majority have been in the top 25% for the breed.

What can be expected of sheep from Wenallt?

•  Hard Rams

•  Good looking

•  Good performance

•  Won’t melt

Stock Ram from the Cerniog flock
Shearling ewes
4th RWAS Winter Fair 2012,
1st, 2nd & Res. Champ RWAS Spring Festival 2013
Shearling rams
2013 Shearling Rams at Wenallt


E.O Williams,

Upper Wenallt Farm,



Powys, LD3 7YU

E-mail:                wenallt@timicomail.co.uk

Tel:                                               (01874) 676 298